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What’s coming up this week? 28

19 Aug 2022

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What’s coming up this week?

19 Aug 2022


Australia Mix (Native Flavours)

Butterscotch Pillows

Candycraft Mix (aka Minecraft Mix)

Koala Rock

Sherbet Fizz Mix

Sour Acid Drops

Super Cooper's Soda Mix

The Finest Rock Candy Artisans in the World

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Using traditional techniques transformed and updated for a modern market, each and every day Sticky Candy-makers sculpt their creations right in front of our customers, working with up to 16 kg of molten sugar to create something fascinating, educational, beautiful, delicious and fun.

We can take your ideas, your thoughts, your feelings, your inspiration, and build it through the heart of your personalised rock candy for just about any purpose. Have a look at the Weddings and Events and Corporate sections to learn more.

And mostly, we make people smile.

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