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Gift Vouchers

Need to send some Sticky love out to the world? We are very excited to be able to offer Sticky Gift Vouchers for our online store. What an awesome way to share the sticky love with those nearest and dearest.

It is super easy to send someone a Sticky Gift Voucher for use in our Online Shop*

  1. Step One
    Recipient Name: Enter the name of the lucky person you would like to send a gift voucher.
  2. Step Two
    Recipient Email: This step is optional - but enter the email address of the person you are sending the gift voucher to and the voucher will be emailed to them directly. If you leave this section blank the voucher will be emailed to you.
  3. Step Three
    Sender Name: Enter your name.
  4. Step Four
    Sender Email: Enter your email.
  5. Step Five
    Enter your message (this step is optional- but why not send a lovely note!)
  6. Step Six
    Enter the amount of the gift (this amount will go towards candy and shipping)
  7. Step Seven
    Click the “Add to cart button” and you will be directed to the checkout!

* Please note that the voucher must be redeemed in one transaction

* Vouchers can only be redeem through our online store- they cannot be redeemed in store in The Rocks

Create a gift voucher

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