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Frequently Asked Questions


Online Store Restock

Our online store will be closed for the Christmas holidays

Our next  online store  restock is

10am Friday 8 January 2021:  Australian Eastern Standard Time

10am Saturday 9 January 2021:  Australian Eastern Standard Time

I'm not in Australia. What time is that for me?

USA Restock Times
Thursday 6pmThursday 5pmThursday 4pmThursday 3pm
Friday 6pmFriday 5pmFriday 4pmFriday 3pm

Canada Restock Times
Thursday 7.30pmThursday 7pmThursday 6pmThursday 5pmThursday 4pmThursday 3pm
Friday 7.30pmFriday 7pmFriday 6pmFriday 5pmFriday 3pmFriday 3pm

UK Restock Times
Thursday 11pm
Friday 11pm

New Zealand Restock Times
Friday 11amFriday 11.45am
Saturday 11amSaturday 11.54am



Most of our candy contains the following ingredients. 

However there are exceptions below for Choc Filled Candy, Choc Filled Butterscotch and Butterscotch. For these ingredients please see the table below

Can we combine orders from online sales?

Unfortunately it is not possible to combine orders from an online sale. When you are ordering online please ensure that you have everything that you want in the same shopping cart. If you split your order you will be charged twice for shipping.

International Delivery and Freight Information

We can now deliver to the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand

Freight is despatched using Australia Post Standard Service.

Once we receive your order it is despatched within 4 business days and you will receive  tracking number

Delivery Estimates with Australia Post Standard Service
Canada:              10-20 Business days
New Zealand        6-12 Business Day
United Kingdom   9-15 Business Days
United States       10-20 Business Days

How is Sticky ensuring food safety during the novel coronavirus crisis?

Sticky is committed to world's best practise in the safe, hygienic preparation of food, particularly in this current climate. We welcome your questions or feedback at any time. Below is a list of just some of the ways we are working to make sure what we do is safe at all times.

We are guided in the current climate by the following important NSW and Australian Government resources on Food Safety and Health.



Equipment is cleaned and sterilised at the beginning of each day, between production runs, and at the end of day.

Staff wear personal protective equipment at all times during production, including two (2) layers of gloves, to ensure that the candy is never touched by human hand.

Staff with hair of any length must wear protective headgear or have hair tightly bound.

In regular operation, our work, although visible to the public, is carried out behind 1.5m sneeze glass and customers are never within 1.5m of our production process.

For the duration of the current restrictions, our 60sqm premises is limited to no more than 6 people, including staff. We are urging people not to visit our premises during this period except for collections, and to phone ahead when they do. We  have markings on the floor indicating safe distances for visitors in compliance with the current advice.

We do not currently accept cash transactions of any kind. All payments must be made by card or Direct Transfer.

We maintain a rigorous protocol of hand washing, on any entrance to our premises, and a minimum of 6 thorough washings per day throughout the day, monitored through a written compliance form.

Staff who exhibit symptoms of discomfort or illness at any time are to be immediately placed on  sick leave and removed from the premises.

Our product is stored in individual, heat-sealed bags to ensure zero risk of contamination.

Our product is cooked to over 150 degrees celsius, and is of extraordinarily low risk of any form of microbiological contamination.

Our packaging process is designed to ensure that the risk of contact between human skin and the finished product is minimised.

Policies, practises and training are reviewed regularly to ensure staff compliance and the maintenance of standards.

As part of the conditions of their employment, all our staff are expected to maintain rigorous social distancing in compliance with the instructions of the authorities outside of the workplace, and encouraged strongly to isolate themselves completely wherever possible.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has released a statement saying that food is not a likely source or route of transmission of the virus.

We do not currently wear face masks during production. According to NSW Health and the Clinical Health Commission, "face asks are not recommended for the general population. People who have symptoms and might be infected with COVID-19 are required to stay in isolation at home and should wear a surgical face mask when in the same room as another person and when seeking medical advice to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 to anyone else. Health care workers who are caring for patients with suspected COVID-19 should use appropriate personal protective equipment to protect themselves against COVID-19".

We are reviewing Best Practice Guidelines and the instructions of Authorities daily to ensure that we are up to date with the latest advice in a fast changing environment. Should any of the guidelines change, so will our practises.

Can Sticky deliver anywhere? Overseas?

For Custom made candy, we can delivery all over the world. The cost of the candy is the same, but delivery charges will change. 

Our online store for retail candy is currently available for We currently ship from Australia, Canada, USA, UK and New Zealand

Sticky also has stores now in Australia, USA, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Cambodia. You can get all their details on our Contact Us pages

Freight is despatched to the US using Australia Post Standard Service.

Is there an expiry date on the Candy?

Yes. Although it is a wonderful preservative, the nature of sugar is that it wants to be a crystal. After about 6 months from the date you receive the candy, the candy will begin to crystallise, the colours will start to fade, and the texture will change. You can still eat it, but it won’t remain quite as beautiful.

Can I package it myself?

We love it when you package it yourself. Please remember that there are no preservatives in what we do and that the lollies do need to be packed into something airtight. There are some beautiful packaging options out there, but if they aren’t completely airtight, make sure the lollies go into a small bag or similar airtight container first.

Are the packaging options on the Pricing and Packaging page my only choices?

No. We are just about infinitely flexible. Some jars, some bags, half this, half that. Whatever you think you might need, just get in contact and we’ll make it happen. If you don’t need it all packaged, we’ll provide the remainder to you in 1kg bags at no cost.

Is there a lead time? How long will it take my lollies to be made?

Everything at sticky is made entirely by hand, which means we need to watch our production schedule carefully. 

Custom Made Candy- A good rule of thumb is to try to give us 8 weeks notice from the date you would like to receive the order. A a little more time around the Christmas period if possible is greatly appreciated.. Of course, we will always do our best to fill urgent requests where possible, and we usually manage it, but the more notice you can give us the better.

Online Store Orders- We will despatch your lolly order within 3-4 business days of you placing the order with Australia Post Standard Service.

What happens when I submit an online inquiry for custom made lollies?

Once you submit your inquiry we will contact you to discuss what you need. Nothing is confirmed, and you are not required to pay for anything when your inquiry is submitted. We believe that speaking with you in person the only way to make sure we know exactly what you want. Even if you have no idea what you want, send us your contact details and one of our team will contact you shortly to discuss how best to make you a little sticky.

What is the minimum quantity of candy if I want it customised?

The minimum batch size when provided in bulk kg bags is 8kg. 8kg is generally enough for most events. Just get in touch and we can help you with quantities. If you need a small amount of candy all of our Retail and Special Occasion candy can be purchased by the kg through our online candy shop.