We are LIVE STREAMING our candy making on facebook and instagram @stickylollies.

Sticky Socials

Check our where to find us on all our social platforms below. Don’t forget to check out our live candy making shows.

Here are the links to all our social sites where you can see lots of great sticky content.

Facebook: @stickylollies

Instagram: @stickylollies

TikTok: @stickyaustralia


If you really want to get amongst the sugar we have an awesome Sticky Friends page on Facebook. It is a really fun group. Click here and see how to join!

You can also watch us LIVE on all our platforms. Below is our current schedule. Remember that we are in Australia so the details below are for Australian time. To find the time for you please click here 

Sticky Live Schedule
10:30 AMFacebookFacebookInstagram
12:00 PMTikTokTikTok
02: 00 PM

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