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Sour Lovers Gift Box

We know that there are sour candy lovers out there! Sticky Rachie INSISTED we make this Sour Lovers Gift Box for all her fellow Sour Lovers out there! This Sour Lovers Gift Box contains all our sour favourites plus our delicious Sour Apple/Blackberry that is exclusively available as part of this box! That's right, a new sour flavour you can only get in this awesome gift box! 

For a more detailed description, including box contents, please see the product descriptions below.

Unfortunately at the moment Sticky online only supports shipping to certain countries. However we can still send you lollies!.
Please make a note of what you would like along with your delivery address and email us at [email protected]. We can have our lollies on the way to you in no time 😊

Sour Loves Gift Box

Our delicious Sour Lovers Gift Box contains the following:

Sour Lovers Gift Box
Sour Acid Drops2 x 100g Bags
Sour Apple1 x 100g Bag
Sour Cherry1 x 100g Bag
Sour Cherry Cola1 x 100g Bag
Sour Apple/Blackberry1 x 100g Bag

Box Dimensions
22cm x 17cm x 5.5cm

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