What is Rock Candy?

Published: 01/04/2019

Rock Candy has different meanings, depending on where in the world you are. In the United States, Rock Candy generally looks something like this

Picture by Evan Amos

It is made with water that has been saturated with sugar. A "nucleation" surface, which could be just about anything but is generally a plastic or wooden stick, is added to the solution and sugar crystals form and grow on the surface, producing jagged geometric shapes like the ones seen above. The process can take up to a week, and the different colouration is achieved by simply adding a food colour of choice.

But that's not Rock Candy. At least, not the intricate and delicately sculpted Rock Candy that we know in England and Australia.

For years, English seaside towns like Blackpool and Brighton have been famous for their lettered Rock. Usually in Strawberry or Peppermint, the candy is sold in long sticks, with the name of the town built through the heart of the candy in three dimensions. It looks more like this:

Picture by Kaaliyambi 

But truthfully, work this ordinary shouldn't be allowed to allowed to be called Rock Candy. I'd be too embarrassed to try to pass this off. Rock Candy should look like this

Picture by David King - Sticky

It should be beautiful. Making something beautiful isn't easy, and you are always going to fall short of perfection. But the goal should always bee to make something you can be proud of. That's what separates the philosophy of Sticky from some of the others. We want to be the best, and that flows through our entire business, from our service, to our product, to our price.

We love what we do, and want you to love it too. Just the world's best personalised Rock Candy. Simple.

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