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Weird Rock Candy

Published: 05/04/2019

I'm often asked to make personalised candy that raises an eyebrow.

From logos and brands for promotional lollies, to decidedly rude and adult messages, to flavours you would never think of, like bacon. (Yes, it tastes as bad as you might imagine).

In fact, one of the questions we are asked quite a lot in the shop when we are making candy is: "What is the strangest request you've ever had?"

Yesterday, we made something truly out of the ordinary for a corporate client. Edible Bug candy, for, funnily enough, The Edible Bug Shop.

Edible Bugs in Delicious CandyMmmmm. Zesty!Adding the ants

Not for the squeamish, they are actually quite delicious. They are made with native Australian Tyrant Ants, which contain an acid the ants use to communicate with each other. Making the Candy a lemon Myrtle flavour, which is itself a native Australian plant with a distinctly lemon cordial flavour, complemented the flavour of the ants well.

So if, your feeling brave, head on over to the Edible Bug Shop and get yourself some Ant Candy. I don't have to of course. I've got some of my own to munch on.

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