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Rock Candy with Letters

Published: 27/03/2019

Creating beautiful rock candy isn't easy. Whether it's putting the image of a koala or smiley face through the heart of a lolly, or recreating the beauty of nature with a kiwi fruit candy that actually looks like a kiwi fruit, it's complex, it's hard, but it can also be tremendously rewarding.

The pinnacle of rock candy sculptural excellence is, without a doubt, the ability to produce letters and logos or brands. Whether it's for a wedding, corporate promotion, or any other kind of event.

It isn't something you can learn overnight. It's something you never master but can only try try to improve over a lifetime. The basic theory is easy, but the perfect execution takes time, training and commitment.

I don't know how how to make perfect lettered Rock and customised candy yet. I've only been doing it for 18 years. But I try. Lord do I try. I am never satisfied, and that's the only reason I think I'm any good at all.

You might not know who to trust to make you a customised rock candy, but if you want someone to strive their utmost to make you something beautiful, and not be happy unless they have made something that is at the very least stunning, then I'm your man.

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