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Online candy store

Published: 30/03/2019

There is nothing quite like a trip to our store in The Rocks in Sydney. We make candy right before your eyes, all day, every day in a show that is entertaining and educational, using traditional techniques updated and honed into something magical.

But you can't always get into the shop, and depending on where you live, it might even be an impossibility. That's where our online candy store comes in. Browse through our huge range of retail candy and get tempted by some of the most beautiful and delicious candy creations ever crafted by hand.

The online store is also your portal to some beautiful confectionery specially tailored for special occasions. Just Married, Happy Birthday, Double Happiness, Thank You to name just a few.

We don't make everything. We just make the very best candy of it's kind in the world, and now we've made ordering online easy as well. It won't ever replace coming in and seeing us in person, trying the free samples, and being mesmerised by the candy magic on display, but it's the next best thing. 

Visit our online candy store here, and have fun!!

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