New Sugar Free Lollies!

Published: 23/10/2022

Finally we have made some Sugar Free Lollies! We think that they are awesome and hope that you do too!. Don't take our word for it - see what our lovely customers think below.

Michael A - Australia

11 August 2023

"I’ve just tried all your sugar free ones that are available. I can’t believe how delicious they are!!!
Will you be making other flavours in the future? It’s hard to find a rhubarb, custard, flavoured rock candy. (Especially sugarfree) I must say I’ve had a lot of sugar free rock candy all over the place and yours would have to be easily the best!! I’m not sure if the sugar free versions are better for my teeth, but I’ll certainly be a lifetime Customer. Also, it’s nice to know I can indulge in a small amount and not have to worry about sitting on the toilet later on like a lot of other sugar free stuff! HA HA!

Vicky P - USA

1 December 2022

"Hello , I recieved my sugar free water melon lollies this week and just wanted to let you know I am thrilled with them ! They are so good ! I can't believe they are sugar free! You guys are awsome ! I just found out I was diabetic and thought my days of eating your lollies was over . Hooray for sugar free lollies that taste as good as the original ones 😋."

Ben M - NZ

13 October 2022

"I've been a diabetic for many years, and it is notoriously difficult to find good tasting sugar free treats. Your sugar free Lollies you mad were absolutely delicious, the flavour was just right and any diabetic would be hyped to get their hands on your goodies. I hope you plan to make more in the future."

Matthew T - Australia

1 October 2022

"Thank you for the sugar free candy's they taste great with no funny after taste like some sugar free suff very appreciative."

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