Edible Wedding Favours

Published: 26/03/2019

Giving something special to the people you love is always a pleasure. When it’s your wedding, saying thank you in the sweetest way possible can be even more rewarding.

There are so many options out for wedding favours that can delight the senses and the palette, it’s sometimes hard to know where to turn. Chocolates, sugared almonds, a candy buffet, the list is exhausting and seemingly endless.

At Sticky, we freely admit a deep and abiding love for chocolate, but sometimes it can get prohibitively expensive. Giving 150 people something that is not only delicious but also personalised and bespoke can be yet another daunting addition to the cost of your wedding.

It may come as a surprise, but a perfect solution may just be a customised candy, flavoured to perfection with Kahluha or Tia Maria, giving it that scrumptious creamy chocolate taste in something unique and hand made at far more affordable price.

It’s just a thought. Whatever way you choose to thank your guests, thanks at least for thinking of us. Best of luck for what will undoubtedly be a wonderful and memorable day.

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