Butterscotch Recipe

Published: 05/07/2021


Although most of what we do at sticky is artisanal work, some sugar fun can be made at home without learning the complex ins and out of sugar art.

REMEMBER!! Liquid Sugar is HOT!

ALWAYS wear gloves when handling hot sugar and be careful.

500g Raw Sugar
150ml Water
125g Glucose Syrup (can also substitute corn syrup)
50g Salter Butter

1.  Mix 500g RAW sugar with 150ml Water. The sugar MUST be wet through, or it will burn.
2.  Cook to boiling.
3.  Add 125g Glucose Syrup and cook to 125℃
4.  Add 50g Salted Butter and, stirring occasionally to ensure that candy doesn't stick to the pot and burn, cook to       160℃
5.  Lightly Spray a baking tray with Canola Oil. Rest this baking tray in a second baking tray with a little water in it, this will act as a heat sink
6.  Pour Candy into the top tray and salt to taste, mixing in the salt after.
7.  Play with your food and allow mixture to cool to a doughy texture.
8.  Cut up butterscotch into bite sized pieces. Scissors are a great tool to use here.
9.  Allow to cool and enjoy!

Butterscotch full video : https://fb.watch/6apILcJly4/

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