Cool Candy

We are always trying to think up new and exciting ways to turn Sugar into Candy Art. Below are some examples, but come back and see more as we evolve.

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Creating customised candy is an extraordinary and spectacular process. Molten Sugar is sculpted and formed entirely by hand.
Sticky candy makers have years of experience and have refined a traditional technique to perfection. Working with up to 15kg of candy at a time, virually any two dimensional image can be formed. But it isn’t easy. The skill and dedication, not to mention the sweat and effort, that it takes to produce something beautiful, takes years to master.
At Sticky, you can come in and watch us make something exquisite right before your eyes, all day, every day, in a theatrical retail experience that has to be seen to be believed. Colours, flavours and magic combine to create a show, and a product, which will leave you gobsmacked.
Once in a while we make something which impresses even us. Enjoy!