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Stranger Things Mix

Have you been watching Stranger Things? We think some of you have as be have been asked by so many people to make a tribute mix to this show. So here it is - our tribute to a great show with special appearance by 11 and the demogorgon!

For a more detailed description, including flavours and colours, please see the product descriptions below.

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Please note that the flavours and colours below are a guide only. Our mixes can and do change and may not always contain all the designs/flavours. Our mixes are hand made and there are many reasons why variation occurs.

If you have allergy concerns we would recommend that you purchase our single flavours.

Stranger Things Mix
STRANGER THINGS (Black)Pineapple/Banana
Demogorgon (White)Creaming Soda
11 (Red)Apple/Strawberry
Pillow (Red, White & Black)Peach/Cranberry

Available As
100g Retail Bags

A beautiful premium resealable retail gift bag holding 100g of candy.

Bag Dimensions10cm x 18cm
Bag Weight100g Net
Approx Pieces Per Bag50

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