Why you need wedding suckers, Australia!

Are you a sucker for weddings? Do you struggle to keep your composure during the ceremony or cringe when that child makes a loud noise during the vows? You may not know it, but you need wedding suckers.

At Sticky, we provide a delicious range of rock candies with many different flavour and colour options. Wedding planners and brides-to-be, these wedding suckers could be the making of your special day. If you choose to give guests a package of lovely personalised candies as they enter your ceremony, the noisy children will be kept quiet and amused enjoying the delicious flavours of your Sticky candy, meaning less interrupting chatter so guests can hear your vows and your wedding video is appropriately audible. These wedding suckers also provide a way for guests (particularly Grandma and Aunty Dot) to maintain composure during the ceremony, avoiding those awkward sniffles and nose honking. Giving the groom a handful of these candies to put in his pocket may also help him maintain the composure during the ceremony and could provide a much needed sugar hit to prevent him from fainting at the altar.

If your guests are given a package of wedding suckers at the conclusion of the ceremony, this could amuse them and provide a conversation starter in the often long interval between the ceremony and reception. You could thoughtfully include in these packages a list of local cafes, restaurants, the closest toilets or local attractions that may entertain your guests in the meantime. These candies also make for the perfect favour for your guests to take home at the end of the night. Not only do the personalised candy remind them of your special day, they thank your guests with a sensational palatable experience. These are perfect for the drive home and your guests will be taking about your wedding suckers for months.

Brides, these wedding suckers are the up and coming trend in wedding planning and, with the flexibility of choosing your favourite flavours, matching the colours to your wedding colour scheme and having the option of a packaging service, these candies are the perfect addition to your special day. Embrace the uniqueness of the wedding suckers, Australia!