Wedding bonbonniere ideas

Take your once-in-a-lifetime day to a new level of deliciousness and perfection with Sticky candy shop.

Personalised lollies are the ultimate in wedding bonbonniere ideas, and never fail to impress crowds of families, friends and acquaintances. We’d know, we’ve been in business fourteen years!

On your special occasion, you want to set yourself above and beyond. Achieve a perfect, hassle-free day with beautiful scenery, food and wine. And what better way to add icing on the cake than with our delicious array of personalised candies? The fun part about it is you can design your own, and we’ll ship it straight from our factory / store in the rocks. You can even watch it being made, right before you eyes. If you can’t make it in, ordering through our online store makes it easy!

Are you interested in seeing what our beautiful candies look like? Check out our cool, corporate, weddings and lollipop galleries. We know your special day won’t be lacklustre with this beautiful wedding bonbonniere idea straight from Sticky candy shop.

If you’ve got any questions, our team of candy consultants can help. We delight in assisting you design your lollies, or ask questions about prices and orders. Is your wedding looking to focus on a particular new-age or traditional theme? Unlock the magic of designer candy with us.

With wedding bills soaring into the tens of thousands, our designer candy will be a refreshing change with our unbeatable prices. For just a small cost, the rock candy at your wedding will be talked about for years, and add the finishing touch to beautiful photographs, clothes and settings.

Make your special day that little bit sweeter. Our business aims to delight, enchant and enthuse with our delicious arrangement of rock sweets which will earn the admiration of all your friends and family. For a candy shop experience like no other, just call us today.