Top 10 Wedding Party Favours

Are you looking for that perfect favour for your wedding party? Something that your guests can take home as a thank you to remember your special day? Look no further. There is an overwhelming range of options when it comes to wedding party favours and we suggest thinking outside the box for something with a personal quirk or a treat to enjoy.

Wedding party favours come in all shapes and sizes, from a slice of your delicious wedding cake to a shot glass with your initials on it. They range in price or can be DIY if you have the creative touch. Your wedding party favours can fit with the theme or colour scheme of your wedding and can be used and enjoyed during or after your wedding. Here’s some ideas to spark your thinking about the perfect wedding party favours for your special day.

1. Monogrammed notepad – who doesn’t have one of these beside the phone?

2. Personalised candy for your guests to enjoy

3. Sunglasses if you’re having an outdoor ceremony- your guests will be forever grateful they were able to see your beautiful ceremony!

4. Tissues or handkerchiefs for use during the ceremony or speeches

5. Love bird salt and pepper shakers for your guests’ dining tables

6. A pack of playing cards with your initials and date of marriage on the front

7. Scented soap in a personalised soap box

8. Gourmet chocolates in a beautiful gift bag or box

9. A jar of homemade jam or marmalade will be enjoyed and appreciated by your guests

10. A treat for the drive home

Before you decide on the perfect wedding party favour for your special day, sit down with your partner and family and ask yourselves; what is the purpose of this favour, how do we want to present it and how much can we afford to spend? The diverse range of wedding party favours allow for every taste and budget, so start thinking now about your perfect wedding party favour.