Sticky the rocks

At Sticky The Rocks, we bring our your inner child with our deluxe range of design-it-yourself lollies.

Built to delight, please and enchant with our delicious personalised candy-making, Sticky candies are internationally recognised as the best in the world. Our candy is hand crafted with a commitment to quality, designed to impress friends, family and clients. The best part about Sticky candy is you can design your own, and we’ll build it for you.

What better way to impress than with a personalised artisan lolly experience?

We started our business venture of Sticky when our founder David King started his dream of artisanal candy making. A lawyer by trade, he walked away from the profession to create something exciting and new. Having fourteen years in the business, we’ve grown to delight clients worldwide at school, corporate, weddings and all other special occasions!

If you’re interested in ordering, it’s never been more simple with our online store offering our range of lollies. Our clients get to design your own before we make them, ensuring maximum satisfaction and a fresh build straight from Sydney location. All our galleries are available on the website, so you know exactly the high calibre of candies you’d be ordering.

As creative people, we delight in helping you know your choices when it comes to candy. That’s why our team always looks for new ways we can help clients achieve their creative flair. How about a corporate event with miniature coffee cups of rock candy with a logo imprinted? Or a wedding event with the family name engraved in boiled sugar? If you have an idea, just call us to mull it over and make it real.

With unbeatable prices and a customer experience you’ll always be happy with, come and see us at  Sticky in The Rocks. Our team awaits your call to hear your questions, ideas, orders and requests. Call us today.