Sticky The Rocks – Candy Shop in Sydney

If you’re a sweet tooth, you’ll know that there is far more to candy and lollies and sweets than what you can find at a supermarket. To get the proper ‘sweets’ experience, you need to visit a real candy store, and one such store is Sticky at The Rocks.

You can come and visit the store at The Rocks where you’ll find a great range of hard candies, lollipops, and jellies. There are lots of reasons to head over there, but no matter what the occasion, you’ll be starry-eyed at all the options. Sticky at The Rocks will be able to satisfy a craving, provide an afternoon’s entertainment, or order bulk candy for an event.

Of course, one of the biggest attractions there is to be able to go and watch the highly skilled confectioners create beautiful candy right in front of you. It’s always intriguing and exciting seeing large wads of sugar magically transform into those tiny candies that you can get to take home with you.

Everyone that works there will tell you that they aim to be more than just a ‘store’… Sticky at The Rocks is an experience.

You see, making candy is what we do best. It’s pure, but never simple. We use the classic traditional techniques, but adapted and updated for our modern customers. Right in front of you, the Sticky confectioners hand-sculpt mouth-watering sugar creations in a live show. It is something that everybody enjoys- it’s educational, it’s mesmerising as anything and it’s just plain fun! We have developed our own range of lovely retail sweets, but our range is always changing and is almost infinitely flexible.

No matter which way you prefer to travel, it’s easy to head down to The Rocks. It just around the corner from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay transportation hub and a short walk from Wynyard railway station. There’s more info here:, but suffice to say no matter the occasion, there’s no excuse for not popping by!

Handmade candies are a traditional, centuries old tradition. If you would like to see for yourself how we do it, why not head down this weekend?