Sticky candy shop Sydney

At the turn of the millennium, our founder David King abandoned his reputation as a lawyer to create a new artform: artisan candy-making.

Years later, King’s Sticky has become a world renowned venture for the fun loving, corporate, weddings and retail industries to create personalised lollies of almost infinite variety. Need jars of rock candies with your logo on it? Or lollipops branded with your own colours? No problem! Just check out our cool, corporate, weddings and lollipop galleries to see our beautiful array of designer boiled sugar art.

Sticky candy shop Sydney is the ultimate experience in designer candy, and we love what we do. Essentially, Stick candy shop Sydney specialises in all things sugary, sweet and personalised.  We have a simple philosophy of unbeatable prices, fun and personalised sweetness. We delight in customer service, and should you have any questions, our team can help you out.

Ordering is never more convenient than with our new online store offering a taste of our delicious artisan lollies. You won’t be disappointed as you get to design your own before we make them, right before your eyes if you so desire, fresh from our Sticky candy shop Sydney on the Rocks.

You’ll be delighted with the taste. Enthralled with designer choice. Enchanted with the result of hundreds of rock candies decorating your wedding, corporate or special occasion. We’ve listened to our clients in the fourteen years we’ve been in business, and are unparalleled in customer service and taking your event to a new level.

Are you interested in personalised candy making? Our professional candy consultants are but a phone call away to make your interest a reality. To do business with Sticky candy shop Sydney, a candy shop like no other, simply call us today.