Special event candy

Looking for special event candy to suit a particular occasion? Something that can be enjoyed by guests or taken home at the end of the night? Our special event candy comes in a range of delicious flavours in multiple colour combinations to suit the colour scheme of your special occasion. Text and symbols can also be added for that extra personal touch. We provide a packaging service for your special event candy including small gift bags, jars, a combination of both or you can choose to package yourself. Whatever the occasion, our special event candy will not disappoint you or your guests with our flexible range of colours, flavours and the option for further personalisation.

Special event candy can be used in a variety of ways including as a gorgeous candy buffet. A candy buffet is a unique and special way to provide a bit of fun and make a sweet impression at your next special occasion. Candy buffets are a great way to encourage your guests to mingle, and with our delicious special event candy, they will be talking about your buffet for months! This is the latest trend on the party scene and is a must have at your next event whether it be a wedding, birthday, christening, New Years party, baby shower, corporate event or other.

These special event candy can also be used to create beautiful favours for guests to take home at the end of a wedding or birthday, or as a fun lolly bag for the kids. Having the flexibility to choose flavours and colours means there is a candy for everyone and it is worth noting that these candies are 100% Gluten Free. These lovely candies could be awarded as prizes for games or as a gift for someone special at their next event. If you are looking for nice thank you for your staff at your next corporate event or at the end of the year, these candies will be greatly enjoyed and appreciated and can be fully customised for your business. We even ship overseas, however postage and handling charges do apply.

When choosing special event candy, Sticky can provide the ultimate experience in great tasting candy, full flexibility and friendly service.