Pricing and Packaging

Below there is information on the pricing of both our Custom Made Candy and Custom Made Lollipops. The minimum order of candy (8kg) is not as much as you think. Depending on how it is packaged it is generally enough for an event of between 50-400 people. Please use the information that you see on this page as a guide. There are many ways that we can pack our candy for you. If you do not see what you need here, please just contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Custom Made Candy

Custom Made Candy includes your choice of Text (up to 14 character), Stripe Design, Colours and Flavour.

Minimum Costs for Bulk Custom Made Candy- Less candy may be ordered (8kg) when ordering candy with packaging.

8kg from $295.00
9kg from $310.00
10kg $320.00- minimum order when provided in bulk
11kg $345.00
*All candy supplied in bulk 1kg bags


Packaging Costs



Gift Bags


Example Bag Packaging Costs. Other quantities available- Just Ask!

Number of bags grams/bag Approx. pieces
per bag
Total cost including candy and packaging
80 100g 50 $343.00
100 80g 40 $355.00
200 40g 20 $415.00
300 27g 12 $475.00
400 20g 10 $535.00
For other quantities please contact us for a quote.


Gift Jar:

$1.50/ Jar

Jar Styles Available                      Example Costs for Jars

Number of Jars Cost Per Jar
80 $5.18
100 $4.45
120 $4.08
150 $3.83
For Other Quantities please contact us for a Quote
We pack  the candy into the jars for free!



Custom Labels: from $0.35ea (+$55.00 setup)

Group Labels

 Label Information copy





Custom Made Lollipops

Pop - Many Colours

Small Lollipop $2.50 each (min. order 100)

– Length 13cm, Diameter 4cm (approx)

Medium Lollipop $2.80 each (min. order 100)

– Length 25cm, Diameter 5cm (approx)

Large Lollipop $3.60 each (min. order 60)

– Length 25cm, Diameter 8cm (approx)

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