Personalised Lollies

Delicious. Fun. Personalised.

Welcome to Sticky. We deal in the ever-expanding lucrative field of personalised lollies. Lollies you can put your logo on. Lollies you can design in any shape. Lollies you can fashion in any way you like! Have you always wanted personalised lollies for your school, corporate, weddings or other special occasion? You’ve come to the right place.

We make beautiful rock candies for every occasion, covering all phases of life from baby showers to funerals. Take a peek into our decked out online store to see what you can create.

Our candy is built to ravish the tastebuds. It’s adds a fun and exciting touch and a little sweetness to any special occasion, and is a great conversation starter. The best part about it is you can design your own, and we’ll make it for you. It’s that simple with Sticky!

Got any questions? Our young and dynamic team of candy consultants delight in helping you with your personalised lollies options. Are you looking for a certain theme, presentation or style? We’ve seen it all and can help you unlock the magic of personalised lollies.

Sticky’s story began when feared lawyer David King, who remembering his irresistible lure towards fun-loving artisanal candy making, walked away from the law profession for good. In 2000 he altered the lolly-making business forever by founding Stickys, and since then we’ve grown worldwide.

You won’t be disappointed with our beautiful arrays of delicious candies, lollipops and personalised lollies at your special event, and we have a reasonable pricing model we know you’ll just love.

Are you interested in a designer lolly experience which is delicious, fun and personalised? Based locally in the Rocks, Sticky is delighted to do business with you and all our clients we’ve met over the years. Your story can be recreated through the magic of personalised lollies when you call us today.