Goings on at Sticky

It has been an amazing year at Sticky. Our business has gone from strength to strength, and we now have live candy making sites in Australia, The US, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, and shortly Mexico and the UAE. It’s been pretty exciting to watch it grow.

In the beginning, you start a small business without a really clear plan of where it will take you. Making customised candy and personalised lollies for weddings and promotions seemed like a great idea, but very business has it’s ups and downs. If there is any secret to success, it is that, in this business, skills are everything. Hard work and persistence, marketing and branding, relationship management and customer service are all important, but it is, in the end, the skill and commitment of the people making candy all over the world that makes Sticky Candy different to the rest.

I don’t know if many / any of them will read this, and I’ll tell them personally when I get the chance, but I am deeply grateful to them all. To everyone who puts heart and soul into making the most beautiful customised candy in the world, as you can see on this site, thanks, and keep up the good work.